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We apply the highest standards of safety, quality, environment and social responsibility.

MyMaint Solutions is a group dedicated to providing a wide range of industrial services in strategic sectors. Since 2010, when the first of the group's companies was established, we have specialised in the execution of projects and the assembly and maintenance of industrial installations. These many years of activity have provided us with the necessary experience to be able to work in sectors as diverse as the cement industry, food, automotive, recycling plants, glass factories, cardboard factories, etc. Applying the most demanding standards of safety, quality, environment and social responsibility.

Occupational Risk Prevention

We distinguish ourselves by our unwavering commitment to quality, occupational safety and environmental protection. This approach guides us on every project, where we prioritise excellence in our work and the well-being of our team. We constantly strive to exceed our clients' expectations, implementing responsible environmental management practices and promoting a safe working environment. Our dedication to quality, safety and sustainability is the cornerstone of our identity and the key to our success in the industry.

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We provide our clients with maintenance engineering services, industrial mechanical maintenance (preventive, corrective and predictive), boilermaking and industrial assembly, all by means of a highly qualified team.

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